Sleep As

Nature Intended

With All-Natural Pillows

And Toppers from WHOLE BED

Enjoy the most comfortable sleep possible while creating a pure and healthy sleep environment


Create Your Healthy Sleep Environment

You can breathe easy when adding all-natural WHOLE BED pillows and toppers to your bedroom. Our products are like a detox for your sleep environment -- which is quite possibly the most important space in your life to have clean, pure air. Out with the old synthetic petroleum based foams, and in with your new healthy, natural and pure sleep environment!

Buoyant, Breathable, and AHHHHHHHH

Our WHOLE BED sleep products feature all-natural WHOLE FOAM latex -- considered to be earth's gift to sleep because of the perfect balance of supportive buoyancy and breathable comfort it provides. Caringly crafted in Belgium, our WHOLE FOAM latex is Rainforest Alliance Certified and helps you sleep much cooler than memory foam. Read more about our amazing WHOLE FOAM here.

The Ultimate Dorm and Kid's Room Sleep System

Whether it's for your student away at school, or your child's bedroom at home, WHOLE BED products help create a more healthful sleep environment to enhance the overall wellness of those you strive to protect. Of course, best to have The WHOLE BED SLEEP SYSTEM in your room as well -- for everyone's sake!

The Features You've Been Searching For

Blissful Comfort

Our all-natural Whole Foam latex from Belgium conforms to your body's curves instantly, in any sleep position, creating a luxuriously buoyant support you've never experienced before -- relaxing muscles, relieving tension and promoting proper spinal alignment.

Amazing Airflow

WHOLE BED products are naturally more breathable than other sleep products thanks to the open cell structure of Whole Foam latex, plus our careful selection of the most breathable liners and cover fabrics on the planet.  The result is natural temperature balance all night long.

Healthy Ingredients

A healthy sleep environment starts with healthy, natural ingredients.  That's why WHOLE BED products are made with ingredients recommended by Mother Nature herself: Natural Whole Foam latex from the tropical rubber tree, plus bamboo, wool and natural cotton fabrics.

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