May 4, 2019

WHOLE BED Participates in WOODBURY CT EARTH DAY Celebration


WHOLE BED was honored to be a sponsor of the Woodbury Earth Day Celebration in Hollow Park, Woodbury CT on Saturday, May 4.   The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) manages the annual event, which typically draws 6,000 people.    It was the first event ever for the innovative new sleep products company WHOLE BED.  “This is such an exhilarating day!” stated Jim Huffstetler, founder of WHOLE BED, “To start, it’s such an honor to be a sponsor of this incredible event and to support the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition.  Thank you to the entire PRWC team!  We’ve had so many great conversations with people hungry to create a more healthy sleep environment.  So great to see that our all-natural pillows and toppers are such a hit.  I can’t imagine a better or more appropriate setting to start the WHOLE BED journey.”   Keep an eye out for the WHOLE BED tent at other wonderful events around Connecticut and neighboring states this summer and fall.