Our Mission


WHOLE BED exists to transform your sleep environment into a more healthful and comforting space, and in the process, transforming your overall wellness along the way. 

We want your sleep to be as nourishing, restorative, and life-sustaining as possible, and it all starts with the surface you are sleeping on.  With WHOLE BED products, you are sleeping on healthy, natural ingredients, which are also having a positive, purifying impact on the air quality of your bedroom.

We all understand the benefits of selecting foods made with natural and wholesome ingredients, the reasons to stay clear of second-hand smoke, and the incentives to reduce our carbon output around the globe.   Now it’s time to apply that same mindset to our sleep environment – perhaps the most important environment in our life.   After all, it is the environment where you spend one third of your life.

Our mattress toppers and pillows are thoughtfully created using earth’s most pure sleep materials.  Then, together with our artisan partners, we assemble natural sleep products that offer an astounding degree of luxurious comfort to enhance your sleep, and your life.

Our goal is to bring you wonderfully helpful ideas for more healthful and nourishing sleep, to deliver all-natural luxury products that surpass your high expectations, and to always be available to help with any customer service needs you may have.

Thank you very much for spending time with WHOLE BED and learning about our approach to attaining Whole Sleep.

Jim Huffstetler, Founder